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There are experiences that really change your vision of things. Not that I am a novice in these matters, but I have to confess that I was deceived. Deceived for good.

When one thinks of going on an expedition with the Barraquer Foundation, one thinks of the adventure, the trip, the rewarding work and the return to reality totally proud, feeling a valid person for the world. Well, no. I came back, and I just wanted to sleep. I have never worked more in my life.

Being 7 days hand in hand with people of this professional and human quality, is something that I think has already gotten into my mind, and is addictive.

I just want to thank Elena for allowing me to operate at her side for so many hours and so many complicated situations in a row. At all times I felt super accompanied, and each surgery, each challenge, each time became smaller and smaller.

Thanks to Fernanda, the instrumentalist, the relationship we had cannot be explained with words. We were simply one.

Thanks to Tete, for me, the true discovery of this trip. Absolutely great, life looks very different with such effective people by your side. It really does.

And the rest of the team, simply that, A TEAM.

I would go with you anywhere in the world ¡!!!!

Dr. Aitor Fernández

Cirujano- Oftalmólogo