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Mozambique 2021

Mozambique 2021

?The numbers:

5 days of surgery. 12 hours per day. 400 Cataract surgeries.

?The Logbook:

After a year without having received any Health Assistance due to the Pandemic, we have found really dramatic cases. It´s very difficult not to get emotional about the story of 2 girls, from the generation of my daughter Carmen, who came to the operating room with a deep blindness (they only perceived light) due to bilateral cataracts.

They regained their vision after the surgery with which they will be able to resume the Lives that Blindness had taken from them. One as a cook to financially support her family and the other to study medicine and perhaps in the Future, return the vision to other blind people.

I would like to thank my soul team, UD Almería, for their contribution with kits and balls for the Orphans of O’Gaiato.

A heartfelt recognition to the volunteers, true titans, who in such an extremely complex year have fully thrown themselves into such an epic expedition week. Thank you very much to my Jedis Carlos Rocha de Lossada MD, FEBO and Francisco Zamorano Martín for believing, for your dedication and for the laughter at the end of each day.

To Teté Ferreiro (The Hidden Figure) for her absolute dedication to the cause and her constant search for excellence in every detail, my absolute admiration.

Finally, I would like to express once again my eternal gratitude to Elena Barraquer Compte, for being my vital reference with her unwavering fight against Avoidable Blindness due to Cataracts in developing countries. The little grasshopper who always learns from his Sensei ??.

And a deserved recognition to;


Natalia Mingorance and Maria Garcia, amazing how they supported our surgeons.

Alba Iglesias and Laura Ponce, our volunteers.


Joaquin Fernandez

FEB Board Management.