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Guinea Ecuatorial, we will be back

Guinea Ecuatorial, we will be back

We open the month of July with a new expedition to a new destination, Equatorial Guinea, thanks to Fundación Martínez Hermanos. Whenever we “inaugurate” a new destination we do it with an overwhelming illusion, which gives us back the nerves of the first times and it seems that we take it even more eagerly. Our expedition to Equatorial Guinea has been a resounding success, a team made up entirely of women, attended and operated on 151 people and lived, as they said, a unique experience. We leave you with some of their testimonies:


One day life brought us together and the sum of seven wills made it possible. With the slogan “no more cataracts”, on the 1st of July we were at Barcelona airport with the team formed by: Cristall, coordinator of the expedition belonging to the staff- Elena Barraquer Foundation-, Dr. Nazarena, ophthalmologist surgeon, Dr. Cecilia, ophthalmologist in charge of patient selection, Dr. Simona, anaesthesiologist, Alba and Eva, volunteers, and me, instrument-ist/ operator depending on the occasion.

With more or less experience in expeditions, none of them hesitated to make the decision: YES, I’m going! Because I’m going to give my best, to trust and fulfil the objective, and because when we count on others to grow we become more human, and that’s when we open our souls.

The five days passed between moments of intense work and a lot of concentration, colourful anecdotes, laughter, songs and tears. Guinea, like other African countries, lives a reality that makes you give up, and it is then when we understand why we are there doing what we know and can, you regain strength and perfect what you do. Voluntary work conditioned by these variables is not for slackers. I don’t challenge anyone, please understand.

Far from home when I left, far from Guinea-Barcelona when I said goodbye to the team, I feel that every minute I lived was worth it because the learning was wonderful, because I would come back as many times as I can because the needs are tremendous.

I thank all those who make it possible to continue with this Cause, there will always be those who want to join and participate, and good riddance. I am in Peace from the heart.

Susana Brabermoin – Instrumentalist

It has been one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. I have been lucky enough to meet incredible people with different beliefs to mine but with the same values: respect, equality and the desire to help in an altruistic way. And although I have probably helped more than I have ever done in my life, being aware of the need that exists in the world, today it seems too little to me. I want to repeat and I hope to be able to do it again. To give light to those who don’t have it.

Alba Saez – Field volunteer