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Guatemala, our home

Guatemala, our home

There are countries where you feel at home, where, even though you have just arrived, you walk through the corridors of their hospital feeling like one of them, you talk to the people and work as if you had been doing it all your life. And this has been the case in Guatemala. I am looking forward to returning next year.

My first expedition as an instrumental nurse has marked a before and after in my personal and professional growth. It has been an experience full of emotions, especially seeing the faces of happiness and gratitude of so many patients.

Thanks to the Elena Barraquer Foundation for giving me such a beautiful opportunity and to all the team for making this expedition a memory and a learning experience that I will never forget, I am sure I will repeat!!!

Laura Navarro – Instrumentalist Nurse

Is impossible to put my feelings in words. I have “goosbumps” and tears in my eyes from happiness to experienced last 5-6 days with you and to get you all know better dear Teté, Simona, Elena, Laura and of course you dear Elena Barraquer. I am so happy and whatever happen I will always remember those moments with you. You are deep in my heart

Alexandra – Voluntaria de Campo


There are no words to describe what I have lived these days. But I think that if hugs were worth money, I would be a millionaire after these 5 days. It is impossible to receive so much love and gratitude
I have been very fortunate to live my first medical expedition (I hope there will be others) with an exceptional professional and human team. Thanks Elena, Teté, Simona, Laura and Alexandra: you are really wonderful.

Elena – Field Volunteer