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Expedition Madagascar, a dream team with a lot of “marcha, marcha”

Expedition Madagascar, a dream team with a lot of “marcha, marcha”

Just say the word Madagascar and we all inevitably think of the famous cartoon film of the same name and sing the song “Yo quiero marcha, marcha…” (I want march, march…). It seems ironic but that’s what our team gave and had, a lot of march. A team of 11 people from all over the world with the same intention, to operate as many cataracts as possible and to help the community as much as possible. A team that, from the very first moment, flowed and joined together making their experience very motivating and rewarding. A team that, even though they worked for hours and hours, never lacked a smile and a desire to go, let’s go. For more expeditions like this one!


After 7 days in Madagascar, the faces of those we helped remain etched in our memories, reflecting hope and gratitude. We performed 375 surgeries, and while each story is unique, they all share a common thread: the desire to see the world anew. Our diverse and passionate team has shown that no matter where we come from or what language we speak, empathy is universal.
I am forever grateful to the Elena Barraquer Foundation and Elena B. for the opportunity and for allowing me to contribute my grain of sand.

Only words of admiration to the dream team that accompanied me: Manuela Masseroni, Zeltia Muńoz cocińa, Fabio Contieri, Nerea Garmendia, Tania Alvarez, Anna Sanllehi, Alexia Jimenez de Parga Punset, Berta Roda García, Natalia Mingorance. And not forgetting the driving forces behind the foundation, without them nothing would be possible Maria Bertrand Teté Ferreiro

“If I help just one person to have hope, I will not have lived in vain”. Martin Luther King

Leo Ferlini – Surgeon


My name is Nerea Garmendia, I am 20 years old and I am currently in my fourth year of nursing. This is the second expedition with the Elena Barraquer Foundation in which I have participated as a volunteer and I couldn’t be more grateful.

We have formed an incredible team, we understood each other with our eyes and we worked very well together. I take with me very good memories of this expedition, full of positive emotions and companions for life.

It was once again a pleasure to be part of something so special and I hope and wish that I can continue to participate.

Many thanks to all the team at the Elena Barraquer Foundation who make this possible!

Nerea Garmendia – Field volunteer


During my time as a field volunteer in Antananarivo, Madagascar with the Elena Barraquer Foundation, I had the opportunity to work hand in hand with a medical team dedicated to providing the best eye care. We worked tirelessly and it was an enriching experience, as I was able to witness first-hand how this medical care transformed the lives of people in such a needy community. It also allowed me to immerse myself in their fascinating culture. It was an honour to have been part of this humanitarian mission at the Joseph Ravoahangy Andrianavalona Hospital.

Anna Sanllehi – Field Volunteer