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Expedition to Dakar. 4 surgeons and 717 cataracts less.

Expedition to Dakar. 4 surgeons and 717 cataracts less.

2024 is not going to resist us and we are off to a very good start. 717 cataracts less in a large expedition, 4 surgeons working in parallel to help as many people as possible. A great feat that would certainly not have been possible without the help of all our volunteers who give everything altruistically to achieve the goal: #nomáscataratas.

Having had the chance to be part of this factory of changing lives that is the foundation, has been like an earthquake of emotions that left everything turned upside down. Especially to do it with people who have worked hard to achieve the goal.
Thank you and it only made me want more!

María Agustina Cide – Ophthalmologist



Y… I managed to get organized to return to Dakar! After an intense and bittersweet year on a personal level and leaving the Christmas tree undismantled, I closed my suitcase with four things, my heart pounding and the illusion flowing through the pores of my skin. I have now accompanied Elena Barraquer on 10 expeditions and never, neither on the way there nor on the way back, have I felt one iota less of emotion on the way there and satisfaction on the way back.

This time the effort I had to make has been even greater and what I bring back with me is even greater. Doing good, helping others and above all in an environment such as the one created by the Foundation, has been the best Christmas present you can have. Bravo to the whole team! What a wonderful team of surgeons, the Argentinians Alejandro and Luciano, as well as Julia and the chief, Elena, anesthesiologists, Simona is unique, instrumentalists, ophthalmologists, field assistants, young and not so young… giving their all so that everything goes as well as possible. A beautiful experience. Enriching and, I would say, even healing. It makes you feel much better! Please keep counting on me, you are my reference.

Sonia Santolaria – Field Volunteer


The expedition to Dakar was one of the most intense and rewarding experiences I have ever had. The Elena Barraquer Foundation does a monumental job in mounting these missions that do so much good for the patients. I am eternally grateful to have been part of it.

Luciano Perrone – Surgeon

I am proud to have been part of the Elena Barraquer Foundation’s DAKAR 2024 campaign #NoMásCataratas.
A unique and unforgettable experience with a great team that achieved great satisfaction seeing the smiles of all those who recovered their vision.
Grateful for this great opportunity, thanks to Elena Barraquer and her Elena Barraquer Foundation.

Alejandro Apra – Surgeon