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Expedition to Cabo Verde

Expedition to Cabo Verde

And then came the moment of farewells, the moment in which we evaluated the expeditions, and Cape Verde could not have been a better closing expedition. A wonderful team of people who, all unknown to each other, arrived without knowing very well what they were going to do, but with so much desire to give their all that, at the end of the expedition, they all seemed to be veterans in the field. 338 cataracts operated that taste like 1000. Thanks to all of you for your good will! We will meet again.


Dear Friends, we have been and have acted this week as a true team of equals, because you are each and every one of you, from the most absolute diversity, equal in the same thing: good people.

You have my total admiration and affection for giving a week of your more than deserved vacations, to empty yourselves to the fullest for the FEB Project for the Eradication of Avoidable Blindness in Developing Countries. Since you didn’t know it was impossible, you did it. Already connected by the red thread of the MEGACRACKs Fate.

Joaquín Fernández – Surgeon


Expedition Cape Verde FEB 2023, for me has been a gift, overcoming, learning, help, open our eyes to a reality that we have and we do not see and above all family, illusion and many laughs because in 7 days, a team of strangers did what had to be done, return the vision to 338 people. A real luxury. THANK YOU.

Karmen Lavin – Field Volunteer


Resumiendo, no he perdido aún, por suerte, la capacidad de asombro. Me sigue deslumbrando el poder del amor y el funcionamiento de la sinergia, todos juntos hacia un mismo lado. Lo individual suma pero lo colectivo transforma. Encontré gente maravillosa en este viaje, me voy cargada de emoción y esperanza. Gracias por el cuidado minucioso de los detalles q algunos llaman suerte y que yo creo q es abrazo e interés. Repetiría sin dudas, vale cada uno de los minutos vividos. No cambiaremos el mundo de un día para otro pero sí vale la pena intentarlo. ¡Gracias totales!


Paola Marina Colangelo – Instrumentista


In short, I have not yet, fortunately, lost my capacity for wonder. I continue to be dazzled by the power of love and the functioning of synergy, all together on the same side. The individual adds up but the collective transforms. I met wonderful people on this trip, I leave full of emotion and hope. Thank you for the meticulous care of the details that some call luck and that I believe is embrace and interest. I would repeat without a doubt, it is worth every single minute spent. We won’t change the world from one day to the next but it is worth trying. Thank you very much!

Paola Marina Colangelo – Instrumentalist


I am very grateful for the opportunity offered by the Elena Barraquer Foundation to actively participate in a project like this. Impressed with the planning and organization that is carried out in these expeditions, both before, during and after. How they take care of the details so that everything goes smoothly. It seems unbelievable the union and complicity that arises throughout a week between people who do not know each other. Undoubtedly an unforgettable experience and we look forward to repeating it!

Imma Maynou – Field Volunteer