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Elena Barraquer Foundation, leader in number of cataract surgeries

Elena Barraquer Foundation, leader in number of cataract surgeries

The Elena Barraquer Foundation closes 2023 with a record 6,937 cataract surgeries. It is one of the Spanish centers with the highest volume of cataract surgeries performed.

Barcelona December 19, 2023. The Elena Barraquer Foundation has operated on a total of 6,937 cataracts during the 19 expeditions it has made to countries in Africa and South America in 2023. A figure that places it as the leading entity in the number of cataracts operated on per year, surpassing all expectations. Its success is no coincidence. The Elena Barraquer Foundation has developed a “portable” operating room logistics method that allows it to achieve large surgical volumes, while maintaining all the standards of quality and safety for the patient. The Archives of the Spanish Society of Ophthalmology published on December 4, 2022 an article referring to this working system.

19 surgical expeditions, more than 200,000 km traveled, 17 countries visited, 6,937 cataract surgeries, 16,492 medical consultations, more than 8,000 glasses delivered, 8,280 kg of medical material, 184 volunteers and 52,240 people benefited.

Although Dr. Barraquer has led part of these solidarity trips, many doctors and nurses have joined the project. The Elena Barraquer Foundation has a team of more than 180 volunteers, from all over the world and from other professions unrelated to medicine. This ensures its welfare activity in the coming years. By the year 2024, 22 assistance campaigns are already planned.

Elena Barraquer Foundation

The Elena Barraquer Foundation is a non-profit organization that fights preventable blindness due to cataracts in developing countries. It sends short-term surgical missions to any part of the world to perform cataract surgeries that restore vision. These medical teams carry with them all the necessary surgical supplies and equipment, enabling them to perform a sutureless technique for cataract removal in areas where such surgery is not available or affordable for everyone.

According to the World Health Organization, there are 40 million blind people in the world, 19 million of whom can recover their sight with cataract surgery. In the vast majority of cases, a surgery that can take 10-30 minutes can restore vision. The reason these people are blind is because they do not have access to quality medical care.

The impact of restoring vision goes beyond treating blindness. In its extensive experience, the Elena Barraquer Foundation has found that alleviating blindness is an effective way to reduce poverty and contribute to the socioeconomic development of these countries.

During this time, it has carried out more than 40,000 consultations, restored the vision of more than 20,000 patients and distributed more than 80,000 glasses to underprivileged populations.

4 out of every 5 people in the world who are blind may not be.