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Congo, when two machines come together

Congo, when two machines come together

The other day I was watching a movie in which they talked about a safecracker who only opened safes for the pleasure of seeing how the pieces fit together at the moment of unlocking them. The perfection of the system as soon as it fit seemed magical, as magical as the team that has been in Congo this week, two surgeons who did not know each other, one of them, Maite, new in our expeditions, have managed to operate no more and no less than 379 people. Some machines that have done the impossible and that, together with the rest of the team, have fit in so well that they have managed to do what some would call magic, but we are going to call it, a job well done in a totally altruistic way.

A thousand thousand thanks for everything. I had an absolutely incredible week with a heart full of happiness. Before going I did not measure the impact we could have and it was an immense pleasure to be part of it. A thousand thanks to all of you, and see you soon.

Isabela Romero – Field Volunteer


This trip has been a great experience for me in every aspect. You are unique people who have a huge heart and that’s why things go so well and you give life to so many people.
I can only say “thank you”. And that we will surely meet again in another expedition.

Marta – Field Volunteer