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Barbie Expedition in Kinshasa, Congo

Barbie Expedition in Kinshasa, Congo

The end of March, the beginning of spring and the best time for one of the most special expeditions that we at the Elena Barraquer Foundation have organised. An expedition of 18 women, yes as you hear, only women, from surgeons, anaesthetists, ophthalmologists, instrumentalist nurses to field assistants. 664 cataracts less at the hands of an exceptional team. Dr. Nazarena Nassif gives a summary of her experience:

665 fewer blind people in Kinshasa. Democratic Republic of Congo. 2024

GRATITUDE for me is all-encompassing.

🩵 Teté, your drive is tremendous! You have no obstacles.
🩵 Elena, our queen. I think I have told you of my admiration and gratitude, as a professional, tremendous person and surgeon.
🩵 Cristall, ¡¡¡¡attentive to everything!!!! TO EVERYTHING!
🩵 Manu, luxury co-equiper. How nice it is to know that we meet in this speciality and live it with the same passion that pushes and renews the desire.
🩵 Ceci, I think you are huge! Great woman, colleague and you also became an instrumentator in pursuit of this team. With you to the war Moni.
🩵 Tere, Sweet Tere! Your ability and professionalism were fundamental in the Argentine operating theatre. Your order, your organisation and your enthusiasm are contagious. Not to mention capturing moments. We’ll be back in others!
🩵 Sofi, you are a true warrior. Even your knee injury didn’t distract you. Distribution of tasks, remembering everything in its place. Tremendous and admirable!
🩵🩵 Gemma and Ale, incredible job!!!!

🩵 🩵 Lau and Bet, well there with the changes so that we don’t miss anything in any OR. Always attentive to their role.
🩵🩵 Simo and Anneta, what a duo! Anesthesia mode on. They are the best
🩵🩵 Ana and Barbi, What a great job you girls did! I lost count of the number of consultations you did, but I have it clear that there were more than 700, are you aware of that?

It was a pleasure for me to have shared with all of you, goals, dreams, laughs, emotions, lunches, dinners, and then to see the gratitude of the patients,
A golden brooch if ever there was one.