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Medical Expedition to Honduras

Medical Expedition to Honduras

I would like to thank the Elena Barraquer Foundation for the great work it does in restoring sight to so many disadvantaged people. The effort of organisation, transport, search for volunteers and funds is titanic and this is not reflected in the many photos and reports that we see. Then, once in the field, excellence prevails in each and every one of the actions carried out by the professionals. Consultations, anaesthesia, operations and post-operative care are taken to the utmost. In my personal experience, it has been a luxury to be part of a great technical team, but above all a human team. And the great reward, “I see” with a broad and sincere smile this experience, because to regain sight is to regain life.

Josefa Maria Clemente – Field Volunteer


It’s been 6 days since I arrived from Honduras and I still have all the emotions intact and miss the people and the experience. This is the second year that I have been lucky enough to go with the Elena Barraquer Foundation, last year to Senegal as a consultant ophthalmologist and this year to Honduras to perform surgeries.
A long trip, but from the first moment with the illusion of the 9 volunteers that we have met with the common objective of giving the best of ourselves to help people.
People who only perceive light, with past cataracts, who wait hours and hours to be seen and operated on and who don’t know that they are giving us much more than we are giving them.

They give us the possibility to reposition ourselves in a world in which we do not realise how fortunate we are just to have been born here and they give us so much more that I cannot summarise.
I would like to emphasise the feeling of security that we have had, guarded at all times, entertained by the hospital staff and by the authorities.
A perfect logistics carried out by the foundation before and during the trip with our Mevi in charge. We would like to thank Joaquin for his support in the operating theatre, a master to learn from, Laura’s smile, Josefa’s kindness and energy, Nina’s freshness and of course, the Valencia team: my dear suffering companion Aitor, the crack Tino “pacadins” and the most beloved by all Hondurans, Juanmi. Already looking forward to returning soon!!!

Teresa Sánchez-Minguet – Surgeon


A week ago I arrived from Honduras, my first expedition. It has been a beautiful experience full of emotions, laughter…. I have met exceptional people who formed a fantastic team.
I would like to thank the Foundation for giving me this opportunity and all the people who have helped us on a daily basis. I take with me the gratitude of all of them.

Laura Núñez – Field Volunteer