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I remember as if it were today a normal Wednesday morning with a lot of work. The telephone rings … it’s Teté … we organize Joaquín’s next expedition, as always, conversation full of love and the question comes, Jose, you have to come to some … why do not you come to Senegal …?

I had never planned to go, I am not an ophthalmologist, or an instrumentalist … but I thought, I’m sure I can do something … I just know that I want to help in everything I can, and that was my mentality before and during the expedition.

The day of depatrure is here. At the airport, a mountain of luggage and next to the first expedition partners. When I saw the entire team captained by the energy of Elena Barraquer all doubts were dissipated, by all!

First impression when we arrived at the destination, there is a lot of work to do. Go for it!!!

Day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4 … As if it were a perfect machine, all the components of the team paddled to get to operate to the maximum number of patients, nothing mattered, satisfaction kept us up to any difficulty.

Day 5, Objective fulfilled.

Last day. Review of the latest patients and delivery of T-shirts and balls from UD. Almería in a school in Dakar. This date would qualify it as “Full Satisfaction Day”. You see the result of all the work of the week translated into joy and emotion. Simply Unforgettable.

The leadership of Elena, the responsibility of Natalia, the warmth and enthusiasm of Shirin, the tenderness with the patient of Simona, the delivery of Nuria, the generosity in the effort of Sonia, the passion in Laura’s work, the strength of Joaquín , the constancy of Rocio … without words of thanks to everyone without forgetting, of course, Teté. I will never forget the opportunity that the Elena Barraquer Foundation offered me to participate in the expedition as well as all the compañer @ s. In me you will always have a friend.

My conclusion is clear, I thought I was going to Senegal to help with my work and it was me who received a life lesson from all the wonderful people that I have met in Dakar.