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After 7 days in Dakar…

After 7 days in Dakar…

I think of solidarity and I think of each of the magnificent companions who have accompanied me on this journey, I think of needs and I realize that almost everything we have is surplus to requirements.

I think of happiness and it is the sum of small moments making others happy. I think about what is worthwhile and that is sharing with such wonderful people (team and patients) all that you can give of yourself. I think about how you can feel at home being so far away, and that is surrounded by people who share your dreams and illusions.

Elena Barraquer Foundation is a door worth opening, #nomascataratas and no more blindfolds.

Dr. Gonzalo Bernabeu

It has been four days since we returned from the expedition to Dakar with the Foundation. I am going to try to describe all the feelings I have experienced during those days, which have been very many. ….

I feel admiration for the ability to organize such a complicated logistics, for the illusion that is transmitted, for the strength that is demonstrated day after day.

I feel a deep gratitude, for making me feel part of the group from the first moment, for having been able to contribute to reach that barbarity of surgeries in 5 days!!! 659!!.

I take with me a beautiful Friendship, it has been nice to meet such an exceptional group of people, so generous, so cheerful, so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so ……

There is always time for learning; I had never set foot in an operating room in my life, except as a patient, nor had I ever seen a cataract surgery. With Dr. Gonzalo Bernabeu and the instrumentalist Mario Garcia I have learned a lot, thank you for your patience!!!!

¡¡¡¡ I felt an immense joy for having contributed to change the lives of so many people !!!!, joy for having laughed with them and with my expedition companions.

But I also felt Exhaustion, so many hours on my feet killed my lower back, from which I normally suffer, but I have to say that everything got better with a good anti-inflammatory and rest! As a colleague said “I felt exhaustedly happy” ……

I also felt tension at times, tension for not doing it right, for not hearing an instruction, for making a mistake….. I have to say, it was a self-induced tension .

Now, I have also felt sadness, sadness for seeing how unfair life is sometimes, and how badly the world is divided. However, actions such as those carried out by the Foundation contribute in some way to making the world a little better.

Of course I would repeat! We have changed the lives of 659 people!!!! I’m only sorry I couldn’t do it sooner………….

Beatriz Vicén

I returned 3 days ago from Dakar after 1 week of expedition and it has exceeded all my expectations. What a life lesson on a personal and professional level. I return with the joy of having made the most of the time there, it is working 14 hours a day, but with passion, enthusiasm. Congratulations for the organization, for the team we have formed, for the Senegalese people, an example of dignity, respect and affection.

Looking forward to coming back!

Teresa Sanchez-Minguet

I have made the expedition of Dakar in Senegal I never thought what I was going to find what I was going to live or what was going to happen because it is very difficult to explain in words, you just have to live it and experience it. Intensity, hard work and a lot of help to others who recover, according to their own words, clarity and vision. Fellowship, cooperation, self-improvement and lots of laughter.

Without hesitation I would repeat something like this, thank you very much, it was an unforgettable experience.

Aitor Anton

The expedition to Senegal #no more cataracts, was the most exciting and wonderful experience I lived as a cataract surgeon. It is a trip that connects with all emotions. Elena is magical and her team of collaborators excellent!!!

Dr. Fernando Ariel

The expedition was perfectly organized, both by the team in Barcelona with the management of the trip and the preparation of the material, as well as in Dakar with the great team of colleagues, all excellent professionals and even better people.

The hugs of the Senegalese patients, their smiles, their applause and their continuous “merci” always on their lips made the work of the foundation a dream come true.

Many thanks to the foundation!

Rosa Maria Ruiz