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The best Panettone, by L’Atelier.

The best Panettone, by L’Atelier.

L’Atelier and Elena Barraquer Foundation presented “THE MOST GOOD PANETTONE, HELPS THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE TO RECOVER THEIR SIGHT”, in an event at the headquarters of L’Atelier in C / C. de Viladomat, 140 bis, 08015 Barcelona at 20.00 hrs, this presentation will feature the Countess of Godó as godmother of this initiative.

Every year at this time L’Atelier joins a solidarity cause and this Christmas wants to give voice to the Elena Barraquer Foundation by creating a solidarity panettone. This panettone is designed so that people can enjoy it twice as much knowing that it also helps to end preventable blindness in the world due to cataracts.

This panettone can be purchased at L’Atelier’s bakery in the center of Barcelona or ordered at home from the bakery’s website. Both L’Atelier and the Elena Barraquer Foundation want to thank you for collaborating in such a sweet way. #NoMasCataratas


L’Atelier loves what it does. Since it opened in 2019, they have been characterized by taking care of the raw materials they work with, the detail in their creations and the satisfaction of their customers. They believe that the pastry universe is a luxury that they should share with anyone who wants to enjoy a sweet or wants to learn how to make it.

We understand pastry as a 360º universe where there is room for everything from classic desserts to the most avant-garde. From ice cream to pastries. Always made with top quality ingredients and handmade.

This philosophy has allowed them to win the award for the best Dulcypas Tea Pastry, the best Coca de Sant Joan on two occasions, the Fava de Cacao award and the award for Best Artisan Chocolate Panettone in Spain from the Escuela de Pastelería del Gremio de Barcelona (Pastry School of the Barcelona Guild). Internationally, L’Atelier has been invited to join the exclusive Relais Dessert association that brings together the best pastry chefs in the world.

Welcome to the avant-garde pastry in Barcelona.