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Kenitra, Marruecos.

Kenitra, Marruecos.

It has been a week in which only you have existed for me, you in Kenitra, and Kenitra in us. The uniform and the motto “no more waterfalls” has been our only occupation, and what a wonderful occupation it has been!

Yesterday I was walking down the street and I seemed to see you everywhere ….

Your smiles. Your professionalism.

Your inexhaustible capacity to give, to help, to solve problems, to change the lives of everyone who passed by our side. Impossible to explain this week to anyone, only you, always you.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Life goes on, and this week and all of you are still with me.

Dr. Isabel López Marín

 Today all my bones ache. 

And a little bit my head.

And my feet.

Today I am tired.

But my thoughts are still in Kenitra and in them are all of you.

I am sure I will sleep happily today.

And I will remember:

That Elena is from another dimension.

That Isabel and Hanneke are tireless.

That Julieta, Marta and Gloria put all their love in others.

That Simona worked twice as hard as everyone else.

That Andrea and Maru have earned the sky.

That Belinda put sparks of joy.

That Iñaki, Jaime, Axel and Aitor are the fantastic four.

That Marian, Pedro and Elena have covered the attention from the other side of life.

That Berta was always attentive to the needs.

That it was as if the support group that did not travel had traveled.

And that Teté is in everything. In everything. In everything.

Working together for others made us better.

If one changes, others change.

If one’s heart changes, daily life changes.

My permanent gratitude to this team and my constrictor hug to each one of you.

Dr. Javier Casiraghi

Back home again, all the impressions of this very special week in Morocco are going through my mind. It has been a huge mix of different emotions and learning.

From the great need that exists in the world and that Elena and Teté with their means and your help try to stop.  From the Misery, the Nobility and the Generosity of all of you.

Of the Companionship, of the “endurance”, of the Understanding of the other, even if perhaps you do not “understand” it at all. All these beautiful human gestures, I have been able to see in you, this week. I am happy to have met you. To be a part of your group, even if in an insignificant role, I will never forget you!!!!!!

Hanneke Derkensen

Trustee of the Elena Barraquer Foundation