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Ghana, an expedition full of experiences

Ghana, an expedition full of experiences

Our expedition to Ghana was the third and final for the year 2018 with ECCBC, we want to thank the effort and work of: Sonia, Munatsi, Juan and Alfonso, as well as all the local teams in each of the countries (Cape Verde, Ghana and Guinea Conakry) who worked hard to make our work as fruitful as possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, we will see you next year.

We return from Ghana with 317 cataracts operated, more than 500 patients visited and 300 reading glasses delivered.

Who better than some of our volunteers to take stock of the expedition.


Juan Rotundo, Santa Fe (Argentina).

It is difficult to express in words all the feelings that this experience generated for me. But if I have to choose one that might embrace them all, it is the love I received and they allowed me to give to all the people who were part of this moment. Patients, children, hospital staff and co-workers, whom I now consider to be soul mates. Thank you, everyone.


Leonor Herguedas, Valladolid (Spain).

It’s only been eight days, but the most incredible eight days I’ve had, and so I say without a doubt, it’s been the most amazing experience of my life.

The pleasant feeling of doing many hours of work and ending up tired, but having helped so many people, is something that can not be explained because at that time you forget everything that worried you to be simply happy and proud with the work we have done in the day. I have also learned so much this week on so many levels that I will never be able to thank you enough.

We have spent these days in solitary confinement, without Wi-Fi and I don’t think you’ve bonded much because we’ve met and we’ve created bonds that are unreal in a normal life, but it will be because of the situation, what unites you or because of the shock of reality so strong, I don’t know, but in a week you end up really loving everyone you’ve gone with.

I will certainly repeat this experience because I could not be happier to have made the decision to go.


Aitor Pomposo, Barcelona (Spain).

I am very pleased with the great work done by all our team as well as the local nurses. I especially remember Patrick, a local nurse who was very attentive at all times to the orders of the two surgeons, Dr. Elena Barraquer and Dr. Noé́ Rivero.

Together we have all worked towards a common goal: to restore sight to as many people as possible. I will never forget the happy face with which a man entered the operating room when he learned that we were going to operate on his second eye, after having successfully operated on his first one.


Noe Rivero, Santa Fe (Argentina).

First of all, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for having made me a participant in such an altruistic and magnificent work that you do with the Elena Barraquer Foundation. Thank you for giving me the place, the space and above all the confidence to be part of you.

I also want to highlight the team I had to share my days in Ghana with. With a lot of admiration, I was able to get to know and share my experiences with a very valuable group of people, distinguished for their good companionship, with a great attitude and respect, being able to appreciate in them and in a constant way the happiness with which they develop, leaving in sight the good values and that love for our neighbor, with only one common mission for which we came: that of helping the most needy without expecting anything in return.

I must admit, however, that I was wrong about that premise. In these 7 days we were in Ghana I was undoubtedly greatly favored, it is those little gestures of people who have nothing material, only the need for help from society, that constantly filled my soul. I was able to learn with them how a sincere’thank you for coming’, a smile, a big hug, a kiss or a handshake are an invaluable source of energy that gives me encouragement and joy to continue along this path of solidarity.

To my regret, I was able to see and know the conditions in which people live in other parts of the world, other realities so different from our own. However, I take with me, and as an apprenticeship, the experience of having met so many people who, despite being very needy, seem to be very happy. This trip changed my way of seeing many things in my personal life, daily and daily, but it has also changed my professional goals, redirecting my growth not only to the intellectual but also to the solidarity.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH, and I hope to continue helping in the near future with another expedition, doing my bit and avoiding blindness avoidable by #NoMoreCataracts.


Rocio García Jaldón, Huelva (Spain).

A 100% recommended experience, I advise all those people who are hesitant not to think about it, if they can participate in it. Dr. Elena Barraquer, a great professional, close and very affectionate. I miss listening to his anecdotes and experiences at those dinners after a long and hard day’s work. Natalia, a great nurse, has a thousand eyes. She’s always in on everything. Thank you for being who you are, for treating us like your little ones and for knowing how to protect us. Simona, she can handle 319 patients on her own, a crack. To the ECCBC team thank you for taking care of us and pampering us at all times. A unique experience I will never forget. Thanks to the Elena Barraquer Foundation for giving me this great opportunity.