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Gabon, 323 blind people less

Gabon, 323 blind people less

This past week our Foundation team, led by Dr. Elena Barraquer and loaded with wonderful volunteers, set off for Gabon, a country where we had already been and where we always love to return. Although it took a while to get the expedition off the ground, due to differences with the local ophthalmologists, the expedition was a success and we were able to operate on 323 patients who recovered their sight and returned home happy and with a new quality of life.

As always, what better than the testimonies of our volunteers to bring you a little closer to the experience:

A little more recovered from the trip already, I want to thank you for allowing me to be part of this expedition. It was a fantastic group with a lot of chemistry from the beginning, we worked hard but we also had a lot of fun. I hope we will meet again, I’m sure I will come back to other expeditions. But above all I would like to congratulate Elena and her Foundation for the desire and will that they put into this, which is magical for me. I send you a big hug and lots of love to all of you.

Rodolfo Marcuzzi – Surgeon

Thank you very much Elena for giving us the opportunity to feel useful and to think that we are doing something important for others. A great experience. Thank you all for allowing me to be part of the team. A big kiss and goodbye

Vicky – Field Volunteer

Thank you all so much for these days and for the experience. I have learnt so much from everyone! Thank you Elena for making this dream possible. Hopefully we will see each other again!

Beatriz – Ophthalmologist

It has been an intense week full of emotions. I am the one who has to thank you for having shared my dream, which I now hope is also a little of yours: to give light to those who need it. May we continue to do so together.

Dr. Elena Barraquer – Surgeon