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Fundación Elena Barraquer wins the XV edition of the 24 Hours Ford

Fundación Elena Barraquer wins the XV edition of the 24 Hours Ford

After a total of 563 laps around the Jarama circuit, the Ford Fiesta ST No. 5 team sponsored by Coches/Alta Gama/Love/Car Things and representing the NGO Fundación Elena Barraquer, has been proclaimed the absolute winner of the 24 Horas Ford 2018.

The team of the Elena Barraquer Foundation was led by Marc Gutiérrez and made up of: Ramón Arangüena, Ernesto Nava, Juan Pablo Esteban, Martín Gabilondo, Álvaro Baigorri, Josep Camós, Ramiro Massanet, José Vilar, Miguel Ángel González and Iván Guillem. They have known how to apply the best race strategy in an event that is always won by those who take care of fuel consumption, establish regularity at the wheel and carry out real teamwork, with the right human and mechanical resistance for a full day of stress.

The aim is to make the most of the Jarama circuit for 24 hours without a break, using a limited amount of BP Ultimate fuel (this year 235 litres, 5 less than a year ago) and 8 Continental tyres.

The 24 hours were very intense and full of emotions, but we can say that the excellent coordination of the team together with their great professionalism made the triumph more and more feasible as the hours went by. The advantage (in some cases minimal) over the other 11 cars, did not prevent the nerves during the last few laps and the anguish of thinking that we could run out of gas. The real winners have been our pilots who, thanks to their efforts, have won an economic prize of 30,000€ for the Foundation, which will almost totally finance our expedition to Mozambique in September.

We would like to thank Ford and the other sponsors for this type of initiative and congratulate all the participating NGOs for their fantastic projects. Together we will make this world a better place.

Without forgetting our ambassador Rossy de Palma, who with her sympathy kept the good mood and spirits of the team and was, without a doubt, our lucky charm.

Thank you, everyone!