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Expeditions Calendar 2019

Expeditions Calendar 2019

Many of you are interested in joining us on our expeditions for 2019, here is the calendar: wait! there are factors that we do not control and possible changes of dates and/or destination, beyond our control.

As many of you will know, the cost of the air ticket is at your expense, the departure and arrival airport is Barcelona. We do not yet know the prices of the tickets but, based on the data from this year, they usually cost between € 1000-1300. It is an approximate cost and will depend on the country. Our company Reference area is Air France.

You can sign up for the destination / date that best suits you from this moment, you must send an email to, with your name and surname, telephone number and expedition in which you are interested, but that does not guarantee a place in the expedition: they will register you on a list from which we will make the selection of each team. The final decision is ours, there are many factors that we take into consideration to ensure the success of the expedition.

We can confirm your participation three months before the departure date or even earlier.

Thank you all for your support, trust, understanding and above all for your enthusiasm in joining us, if you have any questions we are at your entire disposal.

Date Country
January 5 to 13 Senegal
February 16 to 24 Argelia
April 13-21 Guinea Conakry
June 1 to 9 Gabon
July 13 to 21 Morocco
August 10-18 Uganda
September 21 to 29 Mozambique
October 26 to November 3 Sierra Leone
December 7 to 14 San Salvador

Good luck and we keep in contact.