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Medical Expedition to Niger

Medical Expedition to Niger

Febraury 10th to 17th, 2018

The second expedition of this year 2018 has taken us to Niger. This is the fifth time we have travelled to this, considered the second poorest country in the world, by the Wodaabe-Niger Association, a small group of three incombustible women, Eva, Lali and Titón, who have been helping their people for decades. But on this trip, instead of staying in the capital, we moved to Dosso, a rural town in the southwest of the country.

The team, essentially female, was made up of: Simona, our faithful anaesthetist, Natalia, tireless instrumentalist, Shirin, enthusiastic ophthalmologist who took care of the consultation, Isabel and the two Sonias, volunteers and”repeat offenders”. In addition, Faulker, a representative of the Rotary Club Frankfurt/M-Friedensbrücke, who on this occasion financed part of our trip, was also a”guest artist”.

For five days, we operated on 211 people with cataracts, people who had not seen for years and consequently could not work or take care of their families. Although we usually intervene with only one eye to allow for a larger number of patients, we made two exceptions: Saratou, a 20-year-old girl and Abdou, a 30-year-old boy. The inhabitants of this region, coming from various ethnic groups, welcomed us with great affection and gratitude, the best reward for our efforts.

It is a great satisfaction to see that, thanks to the great work of our team in Barcelona and the unconditional support of our friends, our young foundation continues to achieve its goals by reducing the number of blind people per cataract.

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Elena Barraquer