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Medical expedition to Wamba, Kenya. Our first completed project

Medical expedition to Wamba, Kenya. Our first completed project

From October 28th to November 4th, 2017
With a heart full of happiness and satisfaction, Dr. Elena Barraquer briefly explains about our assistance expedition to Wamba, a small town in the Samburu territory of Kenya, held earlier this month of December.

Several years ago my close friend Mercedes Barceló, president of Africa Digna, asked me to travel there. Initially I was very skeptical about this, due to the complicated logistics (14 hours by unpaved roads or one hour by plane) and the low population density, which would represent a much lower number of patients to operate compared to what we usually do.

To say that it was worth it is to fall short. Who wouldn’t give a week of his time to return vision, and with it the possibility of returning to work, to a 32 year old man? This was one of the 75 cases operated on: James had not seen more than light and shadows for years. His bilateral cataract, probably traumatic, was already very advanced and mature, and he had been told that it was not possible to operate him. He hid his dismay with drinking. I will never forget the smile that appeared on his face when, once operated on both eyes, he suddenly knew that he was seeing again.

Nor will I forget the face of pleasure, while enjoying a chocolate once the operation was finished, of the grandmother who, accompanied by her grandson, had walked 50Km to get to the hospital.

Nor the emotion shared with the rest of the team and the local staff before the happiness that we have shared. We will be back!