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Every little thing makes a huge difference

Every little thing makes a huge difference

Last night was a beautiful end to a week of amazing collaboration, with seeds of friendship sown for all time. This week demonstrated that humanity at its best when we forget about colour and creed and are all united in recognising that God created us the same way .

We all need eyesight no matter the side of the globe where we were born. We are the same and we are one and so it should be because this is how God designed it.

We were graced by senior medical Staff from the only ISO certified hospital in this country. It is amazing that God can use all of us despite our imperfections and come out with something so perfect for our country, for Spain and for humanity. There is obvious strength in us building this partnership and long may it live. Personally, I learnt a lot from every human being I worked with in the time we have shared this month – God’s creation is amazing because there is none in whom he put breadth on earth that does not have something good in them. If we recognise that we will welcome and celebrate this and build on that to serve humanity using that collective goodness. It is there in abundance if we chose to look for it.

A few words about Dr. Elena Barraquer “She is so infectious and passionate – just so adorable! What a human being!!! I feel blessed to have met such an exceptional Human being. I don’t know where she gets the energy to have so much on her plate. Thankfully she seems to have very good genes so the world will continue to benefit from her generosity. I must thank you too for your tenacity which saw the Zimbabwe mission happening. The joy here is palpable. Can not wait to plan the next one.

Florence Ziumbe

PROWEB Foundation