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El Mundo Zen Adecco Award for the best Solidarity Project

El Mundo Zen Adecco Award for the best Solidarity Project

We are in luck, since the Elena Barraquer Foundation has received the El Mundo Zen Adecco award for the best Solidarity Project, in its third edition. This award is intended for those companies that have projects or activities of a solidarity nature aimed at generating good in society, the environment and people. Thank you El Mundo Zen and Adecco!  We would like to congratulate the other winners in the different categories:

  • Promoting physical activity and healthy habits, Liberty Seguros
  • More creative and innovative spaces, BBVA
  • Attracting, generating and maintaining talent: a commitment to the youngest and to the recruitment of over-50s, IES Saltes
  • Best Entrepreneurial Project, Mumable
  • To the most Zen director, Sarah Hamon
  • The best policies for flexibility and reconciliation of professional and personal life, Axa Seguros

The prize for the best solidarity project was collected by Dr. Elena Barraquer, president of the foundation that bears her name in the hands of Father Angel, president of the NGO Mensajeros de la Paz. He highlighted Dr. Elena Barraquer’s commitment to improving the lives of those most in need.

This recognition makes us especially excited because it is the first prize that the Elena Barraquer Foundation receives in its almost year of life, represents the satisfaction of a job well done and the effort of the entire team. Thanks to all of you who continue to support us in this new stage, we hope to be able to continue sharing joys like this with all of you.