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Dr. Elena Barraquer received the I Fundación Rementería Award

Dr. Elena Barraquer received the I Fundación Rementería Award

On Friday, June 21, the president of the Remetería Foundation, Mrs. Mari Luz Capelo and Dr. Laureano Álvarez-Rementería Capelo, presented Dr. Elena Barraquer with the I Remetería Foundation Award in a moving ceremony, in recognition of her solidarity work “to illuminate the lives of people around the world”.

The Fundación Rementería was born in 2011 from the need of the people who work in the Clínica Rementería and especially its founder, Laureano Álvarez-Rementería, to share all the experience, knowledge and resources available in the clinic with the people who need it most. Laureano conceived from the beginning of medicine as a service, not as a business. This heart of solidarity leads him to practice selflessly and for people without resources inside and outside our borders.

Marathons in which the task never ends because there will always be much left to do, but which feed the spirit and lay the foundations for what will later be será́ Fundación Rementería. It involves clinic, family and friends, responding to the concern of Laureano to help others and that is reflected in his recurring expression “We must do more.

From the Elena Barraquer Foundation, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for this recognition to the entire board of trustees of the Fundación Rementería: Mari Luz Capelo, Laureano Álvarez-Rementería, Gonzalo Álvarez-Rementería, Manuel Álvarez-Rementería, Isabel Álvarez-Rementería, Javier Arias Díaz, José Manuel Benítez del Castillo, Enrique Chico, Arturo Fernández Cruz, Jose María Martínez, Celia Sánchez-Ramos, Concepción Sepúlveda Ríos, Mercedes Sevilla and Otilia Fernández.

Together we will reduce the number of blind people by #nomáscataratas…