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Dakar 2022. A dream that came true

Dakar 2022. A dream that came true

Many lives changed in 5 days. We have to think that we can not only improve the lives of those patients operated, but of their families as well (children who were guides for their parents, young people who couldn’t work because of their cataracts, elderly people who needed constant care because they couldn’t look after themselves). And also, of the local doctors who felt encouraged to continue improving and of 30 volunteers, who without having worked together before, functioned as if they had known each other all their lives.

All of this was possible due to an exceptional organization, clear goals and great leadership. Thank you Teté Ferreiro, María Bertrand for possible the impossible.

Thanks to the tireless Alix, Isabel, the brilliant Jedi master of the papers Carlos Rocha de Lossada, the always curious Paquito, the extremely talented Lucas. The lovely Simona, David, Ana, Mireia and Esteban. Thanks to the man of the evidence Joaquín Fernández, and his surgery room, Jesús, Maite and Helena. To the “Japanese” operating room with one of the best surgeons I know, with an immense future, Manuela Masseroni, to my adventurous friend Andrea, María who might ask her for an Argentinean passport (or not), to Carlitos who is always well predisposed and allows the machinery not to stop, and to my teacher, my mentor and whom I deeply admire, Gerardo Valvecchia.

My colleagues in the operating room, the great Omar, my physiotherapist and great lens opener Marta, Carlota and her good disposition, Javier who is always ready to make you smile, the “wheels of my ferrari” Susana, Natalia whom I admire a lot and again, the Great Elena Barraquer, who has an incredible energy that pushes you to be able to do anything, besides having a very good 80s playlist.

Finally, thanks to the people of Envision Africa, with two great people and always ready to help, Francois Gouws and James Wright. Oertli Instrumente AG for making phacos that fight any cataract and Custom Surgical for allowing us to record it all so well!

My heart is full of smiles, hope and the only thing I thought when I left the operating room was when I can return?

Dr Leo Ferlini