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Cuando resurge el espíritu más navideño en un Christmas Market

Cuando resurge el espíritu más navideño en un Christmas Market

It has always been said that Christmas is the perfect time to reexamine our lives and evaluate our thoughts, feelings and deeds. It is a time of reunion, remembrance, forgiveness and gratitude. Christmas is also, without a doubt, a time of reunion and celebration, a time that, for many of us, is magical and awaited, as awaited as the Christmas Market of the Elena Barraquer Foundation, where all those beautiful feelings come to the surface and kick off the Christmas season.

I was going to continue the post thanking many things to many people and companies and I was really inspired, but I stop because I think that first I have to tell you the best anecdote of this Christmas Market and with which you will understand why we do this event, why, despite hours and hours of hard work, it compensates us so enormously.

It was approximately 7:00 pm on the first day of Market, the store was crowded with people, shopping, laughter and Christmas carols in the background. A girl approaches the cashier with a basket full of gifts, surely thinking of all her loved ones and, at the time of paying, she realizes that she is short of money to pay for everything, she starts to evaluate her purchase to see what to leave and what to keep and suddenly, a gentleman who was sitting nearby observing the situation tells her “I’ll pay you, don’t worry”, the girl, blushing, refuses or asks him to please let her pay him back, the gentleman, with a big smile tells her, “don’t worry, today for you, tomorrow for me”. If it already seems a nice story, it does not end here, the next day, the same girl appears to buy some more things and the same thing happens to a girl in front of her, she lacks money to complete her payment and she, very kindly offers to pay it with the astonishment of the first one, to which she says “yesterday you did it for me and it was such a nice feeling that today it’s my turn to do it for you”. This is our Christmas Market. Giving, collaborating and getting excited.

And now it’s time to thank all of you who, in some way, have participated to make the Market possible. This year we decided to throw the blanket over our heads and make it big, it was a difficult task and a great challenge that we wanted to meet and that was scary in equal parts, but when things are done with enthusiasm everything goes smoothly. Thanks to Aina, our contact in the District of Sarrià – Sant Gervasi and who gave everything so that we could have all the necessary permits and material for the development of the Market. Thanks to Bopan, Torre del Veguer, Reserva Ibérica and Vermouth Dos Deus, for joining us at the opening cocktail, what great cocktails! Thanks to Vidal, Haribo, Werther’s Original, Chupa-Chups and Knoopers for making the candy stand a real paradise for children, and not so children. Thanks BSB and Lorena Canals, from now on, the floors of our clients’ homes will look amazing. Thanks Schott Zwiesel for the cups, glasses and pitchers that will decorate many tables this Christmas. Thanks Rhade Shyam, Natura Bissé, Tailored Perfumes, Air Val, Puig, Revlon, Jenny Natural Products, GC Care and Daniel Jossier, having the best cosmetic products and the best perfumes in our store is always a plus and our customers know it and come looking for them. Thank you Tous and Lonbali for those wonderful bags, people could not believe how lucky they were to find your products on our shelves. Thanks Mango, Brownie, Massimo Dutti, Tendam, Mariona, Un Paso Más, Rosa Clará, Blauer and Blue Banana, having quality clothing and accessories and top trend brands is the great attraction of this type of event and thanks Premium Delevent, for leaving us the donkeys to hang the amount of clothes we had. Thanks to Brabantia, Natura, Unilever, Mundo Deportivo, La Vanguardia and Laie for the variety of products, so that customers always find something to give as a gift. Thanks also to Oli&Carol and Carioca, children always need their space and in our Christmas Market, they will always have it.

Ythis year we want to make a special mention to our Bake Sale, we had the illusion, or whim, to make a bake sale, we saw it very christmasy, so we asked for help to friends and acquaintances and… Incredible success! Marta’s Lemon Pie, did not hesitate for a second and made us their wonderful cakes, cookies and cupcakes, Helma Cakes did the same but for celiacs, no one was going to be without their portion, does anyone know how Croissant is called in Argentina? Medialuna and if you try the ones they made for us from Medialunas Arhgentinas you will not want to try another, and the movement Bizcochos solidarios de Barcelona did their thing, only a whatsapp asking for help was necessary for the Foundation to start receiving cakes and cupcakes from all over the world.

Thanks also to Proyecto Afro Vaca, Asociació Silo, Little House and Flores Bertrán for not doubting us for a moment and blindly supporting our project.

And last but not least, thanks to all the volunteers, new and old, without you, it would be impossible. Thanks also to Lola, Paloma, Marta, Milena, Carlota, Matías, Sol and Max, our children volunteers who helped without complaining in everything that was necessary and thanks, also, to the “Perruno team” to dismantle tents in record time can only be possible with people like you.

And always thanks to all of you, who support us, day after day and motivate us to continue and to improve ourselves.

Ah! And thanks to Mantequerías Pirenaicas for feeding us every day during the Market, your food was the energy we needed to last the whole day. What a good tortilla de patatas doesn’t get….

For all this and much more, Thank you all! See you next year…