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Cottet sunglasses donation

Cottet sunglasses donation

We are extremely fortunate to have the help of generous collaborators, who are fundamental pieces so that the engine of the Elena Barraquer Foundation continues to function successfully in its fight against avoidable blindness in the world.

A clear example is the donation that the Cottet eyewear firm has made us of 200 units of glasses, delivered by the vice president of the company Alex Cottet, destined for the next medical expeditions of the foundation.

The Cottet brand opened its first eyewear factory in 1840 in More du Jura, France. Constantino Cottet, the first generation of the saga, then traveled to Barcelona in 1888 to publicize Cottet Frerès at the Universal Exhibition, and in 1902 Cottet Óptica was founded with the opening in Barcelona, ​​considered at the time as the largest optician. of the world.

The company is currently chaired by the brothers Javier and Álex Cottet, the fourth generation of the family, and they have 50 stores in Spain and Andorra.

Thank you very much Cottet!