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Collaboration with Oertli

Collaboration with Oertli

We have signed a collaboration agreement with Oertili, the Swiss manufacturer of surgical devices, instruments and consumables that have been designed with the highest degree of consistency to meet the needs of both surgeons and operating room staff. Surgical platforms make unique use of the immense advantages of physics and fluidity. This makes eye surgeries safer, simpler and more efficient, allowing you to work with greater precision and speed. Its instruments are custom-made precision tools that have been perfectly adapted to the conditions of the eye as well as the needs of surgeons. Their innovative technologies have set the standard for decades.

This collaboration agreement will allow us to use equipment and material at very advantageous prices, and Dr. Elena Barraquer and Dr. Joaquin Fernandez, will become ambassadors for the brand. Oertli becomes our reference phacoemulsification team in all our expeditions.

We would also like to thank Bloss, Oertli’s distributor in Spain, for their willingness from now on to give us the best service in equipment maintenance.

Thank you very much Oertli & Bloss.