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Annual Report Fundación Elena Barraquer 2017

Annual Report Fundación Elena Barraquer 2017

Dear friends,

With great enthusiasm we present the Annual Report of the Elena Barraquer Foundation since its beginnings last June 2017.

Despite my experience of 13 years as executive director of the Barraquer Foundation, the creation of the Foundation that bears my name carried a series of logistical difficulties. But, with great satisfaction, I can say that we have managed to overcome them and continue to do so. As Gandhi said: “When there is a storm, the little birds hide but the eagles fly higher.”

I am proud to introduce you to my Board of trustees: Elvira Arzubialde, Country Manager of WPP Health & Wellness Spain, Isak Andic, CEO of Mango and Joaquín Fernández, medical director of Q Visión. María del Mar Martín is the secretary of the Board.

With their advise and the excellent task performed by our directive team we will achieve all our goals.

In October we held our first medical expedition to Kenya, in collaboration with África Digna, and in December our first charity event, a concert of the BZM orchestra sponsored by the Salvat Foundation. Both were a great success. This, and the support received from all of you, has encouraged us to throw caution to the wind and grow faster than planned: we have scheduled a total of 10 medical missions for the year 2018, three of which with two surgeons.

I take this opportunity to thank all the donors for your loyalty and your confidence in the new project. We will not disappoint you!

As my father, who I remember every single day, said “One should always follow the road of self improvement”.

And without further ado, I bid farewell with our new motto “nomascataratas” (no more cataracts).

Together we can do it !!!

A big hug full of hope and light.

Elena Barraquer