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All the work you can’t see

All the work you can’t see

At the end of each expedition we always ask a volunteer to write a “chronicle” of their experience, and the truth is that to this day they have all been very positive. The common feeling of happiness that they transmit, is very gratifying for all the team of Elena Barraquer Foundation. Besides being able to help thousands of people each year to recover their vision, in some way we also have a positive impact on the lives of our volunteers who work tirelessly for a week.

I normally have to follow the expeditions from the other side of the WhatsApp, and together with the Barcelona team: Mevi, Maria, Maite, Miriam, Nuria and Manoli, feel proud of the work that is carried out in the field. Knowing that our effort and work of many weeks and sometimes months have paid off is tremendously gratifying.

That is why I would like to dedicate the Uganda chronicle to all those people who have seen us in the photos these days, those 169 cataract surgeries, have been largely possible thanks to: Maria, who was worried about bills, passports, vaccines and paperwork. Mevi, who had in the warehouse all the necessary material, so that between Maite and Miriam they organized the suitcases and to Nuria and Manoli who have counted, packed and labeled everything…

In short, to all the work that “can’t be seen” but that makes many people see again. As director of the Elena Barraquer Foundation I feel very proud of the work we have done in Barcelona and Uganda, congratulations to all.

My last words are for Elena Barraquer, who by her example pushes us to give the best of ourselves every day. Thank you, Jefa, to continue adding.

Thanks to the Petits Detalls team for your enthusiasm, especially to Quico Germain Borrell, for trusting us, to our donors for their generosity and to our friends for their affection.

Uganda team: Elena Barraquer, Natalia Mingorance, Simona Bambini, Paloma Martínez de Carneros, Stefano Bosio Barraquer, Rodrigo Bosio Barraquer, Claudia Cardona, Anna Ivanova and Teté Ferreiro.

Pd. In the Barcelona team there is also Manoli Campo, who keeps our facilities perfectly clean and without her everything would be more difficult.


Teté Ferreiro
Director of Elena Barraquer Foundation