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Cabo Verde 2022

Cabo Verde 2022

A few years ago, when I entered the office of Dr. Amparo Navea, then director of the FOM (Valencia), on my first day as an ophthalmology resident she asked me:

“Why do you want to be an ophthalmologist?””I want to learn to give sight to those who do not see”.That was my answer. We did it thanks to the Elena Barraquer Foundation last week in Cape Verde.

In 5 days, with the help of two excellent surgeons like Joaquín Fernández and Carlos Rocha, together with a magnificent team of instrumentalists and field assistants, supported by the logistics of the great team of the Equatorial Coca Cola Bottling Company, we have operated 318 cataracts.

Grateful in capital letters for having been part of this experience, we began.