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San Salvador 2022

San Salvador 2022

Easter Surgical Expedition Week against #AvoidableBlindness due to #Cataract in the 3rd World ? with Elena Barraquer Foundation (El Salvador ??):


5 days operating room. Time arrival at the hospital: 7h. Time of departure from hospital: 22,30h. 455 Cataracts operated.

The Logbook:

Salvadorans are ?? Absolutely kind people with an exquisite education. They represent Dignity in Suffering and the Resilience of constant Personal Reinvention always trying not to look back to an often fateful past.

I was shaken to see the Affection with which the Elders care for one another. The goal of many of them, who became octogenarians, was to stop being Blind in order to be able to subsist by going back to work.

We have come across absolutely dramatic cases such as that of Maria Antonia who, at more than eighty years of age, came to the operating room totally blind and with her right hand absolutely deformed because she resisted being raped when she was young and received a machete to subdue her.

Dr. Joaquín Fernández