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1 origami 1 euro

1 origami 1 euro

We would like to thank the Mútua General de Catalunya for having made us participants in their solidarity initiative 1 origami 1 euro.

How 1 origami 1 euro works
The aim of the Fundación Mútua General de Catalunya is to promote health prevention plans for the benefit of society as a whole. Gathering the spirit of the history of the 1,000 paper cranes, the Foundation proposes to transform your desire for health, happiness and well-being into a paper crane that we will fly.

The Fundación Mútua General de Catalunya will donate 1 euro for each origami collected to the Marató de TV3, Fundación Elena Barraquer or Fundació Onada.

Traditionally, giving away paper cranes has been associated with wishing for health, well-being, happiness and prosperity. They are given away, among other moments, when a baby is born, when a couple gets married, when someone is sick… or they can be given to someone you love or who is important to you.

Thank you