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How to become a surgeon on our expeditions?

How to become a surgeon on our expeditions?

Candidate surgeons on our expeditions, the first time they travel, regardless of their experience, will participate as consultant ophthalmologists. In this way, they can see how the day-to-day work, work rhythm, patient processes, surgical complications, etc. works. Once there, you will be able to perform some surgery and thus test the resources we have in our expeditions.

Why can’t I operate if I have more than 10 years of experience as a cataract surgeon?

Because we want your experience to be as rewarding as possible and to offer our patients the best possible care.
The Elena Barraquer Foundation works with Catarhex 3 and EPIC II microscopes, which in the vast majority of cases differs greatly from the technology you are used to using.

We believe that it is a good idea for you to see how we work for the first time, the rhythm of our work, the patient’s circuit and the type of cataracts that are operated on. It is advisable to know how to perform both extracapsular extractions, often due to the hardness of the cataract the Oertli is not able to pulverise it, and intracapsular extractions, as in many cases the lens is completely dislocated.

It is also important that you feel comfortable with the material and instruments that we carry and that they are in accordance with your needs.

During the expedition week we are a team and we try to adjust the surgical volume to the skills of our surgeons and the equipment we carry, so as not to leave anyone without operating, not to fall short and not to overload the other surgeon with work. It will be up to you to tell us once you try us if you want to come back and how many surgeries you feel comfortable operating on.

The aim of our expeditions is to restore sight to as many people as possible, always striving for the best for our patients.

We know that every surgeon wants to operate and we understand that, but we only ask you to have a little patience and trust in our know-how. We are a young foundation that wants to continue growing and we count on you to make it happen. We hope to count on your support and together we can continue to fight against blindness for #NoMasCataracts.

Do you want to meet our medical team? Enter here and you will see how every day more and more professionals are growing with us at the Elena Barraquer Foundation.