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Argentina, Taco Pozo – big impact!

Argentina, Taco Pozo – big impact!

For some time now we have been associated with the great Gerardo Valvechia, an Argentinean ophthalmologist surgeon who has participated in many of our expeditions and with whom we are making our way in Argentina and Latin America in general. He is, as he is known in his native country, the eye doctor, a crack for us. All willingness, generosity and professionalism. He is in charge of leading a large team of volunteer doctors who are part of the Faco Expeditions. These medical campaigns are financed by the Elena Berraquer Foundation and thanks to them, we can reach further and more people.

The last campaign was in Taco Pozo, a town in Chaco, Agentina, where our team was able to operate on 235 people, giving them back the possibility of seeing.

Such is the gratitude of the local people that all the media are making an impact and supporting us and helping us to tell our story. Here is a selection of the media appearances of both our doctors and the campaign itself. Thank you for your support! It is very important to reach further and further every day.


Interview on Radio Nacional with Dr. Daniel Luna Roldán (Link to the news)


News in El Liberal – (Link to the news)




News in El Liberal, online news and on the front page of the written edition (Link to the news). (Link to the news)





Interview with Gerardo Valvechia on the NGFederal Television Network. (Link to the news)