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Surgical Expedition in the Peruvian Amazon (Juanjuí)

Surgical Expedition in the Peruvian Amazon (Juanjuí)

Surgical Expedition in the Peruvian Amazon ?? (Juanjuí) where the collaboration between the Elena Barraquer Foundation and Oftalmosalud has managed to restore the vision of 402 people blinded by cataracts.

I would like to thank the Oftalmosalud Dream Team for a week as Surgically Profitable as it was Affectionate for the Love and Hospitality received from my Dear Brother Luis Izquierdo Jr, from María Alejandra Henriquez MD, MSc, PhD her alma mater and all her Team. They are not only Academic Referents for the extraordinary level of their Scientific production but also for their Altruism to help the most disadvantaged of their Country. My Love and Admiration.

I am absolutely fascinated by the Figure of Luis Fernando LEFT Vazquez, who at an age close to 2 infinites is Eternal because he has understood that locking the Ego in a small box with a padlock to the point of laughing at oneself and being among Young People as one more is an indicator that you have understood what Life is all about. Behind this tremendously Human and Close Man hides a Giant as a Person for his Philanthropy, for his Academic and Welfare Legacy and for the unbreakable Illusion of the Absolute Beginner (David Bowie dici) in each Project he undertakes.

To my colleagues of the Elena Barraquer Foundation, the incredible Teté Ferreiro and Mevi Figueras, who after 48 hours of traveling by plane ✈️ and jungle roads ? back and forth and in the hard surgical journeys of extremely complex cases, gave their all. To Teté Ferreiro for her Absolute dedication to the Cause as Director of the Elena Barraquer Foundation and for her constant search for Excellence in every detail and to Mevi Figueras for her Kindness and extreme Expertise as Instrumentalist my Absolute Admiration and Affection.

Finally I would like to express once again my Eternal Gratitude to Elena Barraquer Compte for being my Vital Referent with her unwavering Fight against Avoidable Cataract Blindness in the 3rd World. This time she went to Nigeria ?? and we went to the Peruvian Amazon ?. The little grasshopper who always learns from his Sensei! ??