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Elena’s Shop

Elena's Shop

Elena’s Shop is a charity shop located in Barcelona whose benefits are allocated to cover the expenses of our medical expeditions.

In our store you can find almost everything at a great price: clothes, accessories, furniture, tableware, tools, books… New and second-hand, now, of course, in very good condition.

By donating or buying in the Shop you will be helping to recover their vision to a person who is blind from cataracts.

Cooperate Elena's Shop

Cooperate as a volunteer

Our charity shop operates thanks to the work of volunteers. You will help us receive donations, classify them, label them and assist clients.

To be a volunteer in the shop you only need: to have time, one morning or afternoon a week, and the desire to change the world.

Donate Elena's Shop


Individuals: If you have books that you no longer read, accessories and household items that you want to change, provided they are in good condition, bring them to our charity shop.

For Companies: If you have remnants and surpluses, which only take up space in your warehouse, we will receive them delighted and we also offer you the possibility of issuing the corresponding donation certificate.

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